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Heating Products

IHP are specialists on customized and standard industrial electrical heating systems. Our product range is wide and covers everything from electrical heating components to process heating systems. IHP delivers sustainable efficient heating energy to refine products and processes.

Heating Air and Gases

Under denna produktkategori har vi samlat värmeprodukter för elektriskt uppvärmning av flödande och stillastående gaser. Vanliga industriella tillämpningar är värmebatterier och genomströmningsvärmare med tillhörande styr- och reglersystem.


Heating Liquids

Heating elements for heating liquids are often in direct contact with the medium. This is an effective way to apply the heat power to fluids. The electrical heating products are manufactured in different materials to cope with permanent operation in for example water, oils, chemicals and corrosive baths.

Heating Solids

Heaters for heating solids are placed directly against the object or in drilled holes and milled tracks. Example of industrial applications are tool heating, casting, melting, curing, soldering and heating medical and laboratory equipment.

Heating Surfaces

This product category includes flexible heaters and ridged heaters adapted to the surface to be heated. The heaters can be manufactured with high surface load and fit small areas. Common applications are electronics, camera lenses, 3D printers, heating tables and for curing and repair of composite material.

Indirect Heating

Indirect heating means that the heater never is in contact with the medium. The heater is placed inside radiant tubes or designed to transfer the heat through radiant heat or through the casing the medium is stored in. A major advantage is that the heater can be replaced without emptying the container.

Heating with IP65

IP65 classification is commonly used in applications where humidity and dust can be present. This is a water and dust proof level for protection of the electrical devices. The heaters and cabinets with IP65 class can be used outdoors and in humid environments.

Several of the Ready to Go products have Ingress Protection grade IP65 classification and external temperature control.

Ready to Go – heating products

After years of experience, we have found that the market and customer much appreciate quality and expedient deliveries. Ready to Go products are standard products stored in our warehouse for fast delivery.

IHP has created a quality product ready to use when unpacked. It consists of a quality heater, an easy to use PID temperature control solution and a standard Schuko wall plug.

Become a part of our success

IHP delivers heating systems, control systems and industrial services to many leading industrial companies in Europe. As a partner and supplier we are known for our flexibility and our high quality. Together we create successful long-term relations.

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