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Control cabinets

Automation cabinet

IHP has professional cabinet builders and is a supplier of customized and serial produced control cabinets. We design and build control cabinets, automation cabinets, electrical cabinets, cabinets for regulation, control, communication and monitoring.

In our control cabinets we use electronical devises from leading component manufacturers in Europe such as Rittal, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Weidmüller, Phoenix and more. Common applications are in heating systems, cooling systems, ventilation, automation and power stations.

Our industrial electricians build control cabinets that for example contain PID-systems with feedback from temperature sensors, to PLC-equipped full height cabinets with interfaces to several in and out signals. The control cabinets are usually equipped with contactors, SSR relays and thyristors when controlling resistive load.

IHP also preforms PLC-programming for seamless communication and integration to leading control system with extensive documentation and CE-manual.

We stock standard control cabinets for direct delivery and design control cabinets customized to process and specifications.

All control cabinets are carefully checked by functional tests, continuity measurements and insulation measurements before delivery. Through favorable agreements we can offer you as customer safety and quality at a competitive price.

Control cabinet

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IHP delivers heating systems, control systems and industrial services to many leading industrial companies in Europe. As a partner and supplier we are known for our flexibility and our high quality. Together we create successful long-term relations.

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