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Immersion heaters water

Immersion heaters are common when heating water and other types of liquids. Using immersion heaters are reliable and well-proven heating technology. You can find immersion heaters in water heaters, boilers, geysers, commercial kitchens, industrial tanks, industrial baths and dishwashers.

IHP designs robust immersion heaters with nipple of type G (gas thread), type M (metric thread) and with DN flange. We offer a big variety of tube material such as copper, stainless steel, acid-resistant steel, 254 SMO, Incoloy® 800, Incoloy® 825, aluminum and titanium.

Immersion heaters can be provided with sensor tube for easy connection of sensor, thermostat and temperature limiter. We can also integrate thermostat with knob directly on the connection box.

For industrial use IHP can provide firm molded connection boxes that make the immersion heaters extra strong and resistant.

Immersion heaters
Immersion heaters waterImmersion heaterImmersion heater liquid

Technical specification

Surface load up to 15W/cm²
Working temperature up to 850°C
Customized power supply with internal ∆- or Y-connection
Common nipples for IHPs immersion heaters are G¾”, G1”, G1 ¼”, G1 ½”, G2”, G2 ½”, M45x2, M77x2
Common tube material are copper, stainless steel, acid-resistant steel, 254 SMO, Incoloy® 800, Incoloy® 825, aluminum and titanium

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Control cabinet PID

IHPs smallest control cabinet is a “stand alone” system that fits a variety of heating applications where the need is one heating zone and one sensor. In our PID controller there is plenty of intelligence that comes in handy when needed for even heating, ramp functionality, maximum adjustable temperature, program steps with different set points or only temperature control that is CE marked and approved.

We supply the control cabinets in three standard versions and you simply select the cabinets according to the type of sensor that fits your process. IHP can also offer some popular options such as quick plug between heater and control cabinet and help program the control cabinet with the parameters that are important in your process.

The control cabinet can advantageously be used in conjunction with all IHPs heaters that need less than 16Ampere.

Control cabinet

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