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Mineral insulated heating cable 1000°C

Mineral insulated heating cable, also called MI-cable, is a series-resistant flexible heating cable with outer shield of stainless steel, copper-nickel or Inconel®. MI-cable is manufactured in the same way as a tubular heater, with spiralized resistance wire surrounded by magnesium oxide as an insulator and an outer shield. The small diameter allows the MI-cable to be bent and shaped according to the object to be heated. The transition between hot and cold parts is laser welded and can withstand a heat exposure up to 1000°C.

Common uses of mineral insulated heating cables are heating of process pipes and valves, heating panels, vacuum techniques, molds, underwater radiators, reactors, sodium transportation pipes, salt transport for curing bainite, bitumen plants, gas plants and refineries etc.

Mineral insulated heating cables transmit very high power and temperature and have excellent corrosive protection properties against alkalis and acids.

IHPs mineral insulated heating cables are available in many standard lengths and can also be adapted to demands and needs for both safe and explosive-rated environment.

Bellow a list of our most common resistance wires and the relation between the MI-cables outer diameter and minimum bending radius.

Mineral insulated heating cable
Coiled MI cableMI cableMI cable joint

Outer diameter and minimum bending radius

ResistanceOuter diameterMin. bending radius stainless steelMin. bending radius Inconel®
0,16Ω/m6,5mm> 30mm> 30mm
0,25Ω/m5,6mm> 25mm> 30mm
0,40Ω/m5,0mm> 20mm> 30mm
0,63Ω/m4,5mm> 18mm> 20mm
1,00Ω/m4,1mm> 16mm> 20mm
1,60Ω/m3,8mm> 15mm> 15mm
2,50Ω/m3,6mm> 15mm> 15mm
4,00Ω/m3,2mm> 12mm> 15mm
6,30Ω/m3,2mm> 12mm> 15mm
10,0Ω/m3,2mm> 12mm> 15mm

Technical specification

Highest working temperature 1000°C
Supply and power customizes to your wishes
Outer shield stainless steel, copper nickel or Inconel®
Outer diameter ø3,2 to ø6,5mm
Safety class I
Protection class IP67 (waterproof)
Cold ends 0,5m or as desired
Glands M20 x 1,5

Standard range

100W/m, 230V200W/m, 230V
Heating zonePowerHeating zonePower

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