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Customer cases

Discover testimonials showing the positive impact of our solutions on businesses.

Heating Solutions for Food Processing

“We just installed a new well-functioning through flow heater with control cabinet from IHP in the food process line of one of our customers. It is good to have the experienced support of IHP to design the right heater, check it and repair it if needed. We will get back to IHP with other customer’s needs.”


Vantec System AB , Michael Bergman, project manager, 2022-10-24


VMCR’s Hot Room Triumph

“At VMCR, we needed to heat a container filled with bags of flour to 80°C, keeping this temperature for 48 hours. IHP’s convector system exceeded expectations, maintaining precise temperatures with ease. Their tailored solution with heaters, sensors and PID control cabinet showcased the power of technology in overcoming unique challenges. We have made several of those Hot Rooms now and our customers are very satisfied. We will definitely use IHP expertise again!”


VMCR , John van Mullem, Accountmanager, 2024-01-05

Revolutionizing Nagami’s Efficiency

“Nagami’s experience working with IHP has proven greatly valuable. Their products have improved by an order of magnitude the thermal efficiency in our use applications. They have provided us with many different options and gave us the correct advice on what was right for us.

Going from the design to fabrication has been fast, making the process in prototyping efficient. Now we have their products installed more than fifty heating units cutting up to 80% costs in electricity and improving our heating times by 50%.”


Nagami Design SL, Santiago del Águila, Head of I+D, 2024-01-12

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IHP delivers heating systems, control systems and industrial services to many leading industrial companies in Europe. As a partner and supplier we are known for our flexibility and our high quality. Together we create successful long-term relations.

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