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Foil heaters silicone 250°C

Silicone flexible heaters are one of IHPs bestsellers.
Foil heaters of silicone have many applications and uses for battery heating, heating electronics and telecommunications, heating tools and surfaces, in climate chambers, industrial kitchens, laboratory and medical technical equipment, for composite hardening of aircraft bodies and wind turbines, piping systems, snow melting and condensation preventing heating.

Silicone flexible heaters are made of resistance wire or etched resistance tracks that are put between two silicone layers, pressed and heat treated. At low quantities the wire wound technique is used and for high quantities the etched foil technique. The foil heaters can be made with insulation for lower energy losses and more precise control.

The foil heaters can have a self-adhesive backing for fast mounting on smooth surfaces. In case the heater needs to be moved or removed IHP offers different types of attachments like hooks, straps, Velcro straps and magnetic backing.

For temperature control are we able to integrate sensors such as thermocouples and resistive sensors. The foil heaters can even be provided with sensor pockets which make it easy for the user to mount, move or change the sensors for example PT100s or capillary thermostats.

Silicone heater mat
Foil heater siliconePreformed silicone heaterFlexible heater

Technical specification

Surface load max. 1,2W/cm² (recommended up to 0,8W/cm²)
Working temperature wire wound, non-adhesive from -60°C to +250°C
Working temperature etched foil, non-adhesive from -60°C to +200°C
Working temperature with self-adhesive backing from -30°C to +180°C
Supply according to wishes, even multiple supply and internal ∆- or Y-connection.
Maximum sizes per unit 3000mm x 940mm (L x B)
Thickness between 0,7mm to 3,0mm
Possibility for electrical double insulation
Thermal conductivity Watt/Meter/K 0,22
Specific heat Joule/Kg/K 1623
Environmental specifications
• Very good resistance against weather and aging
• Very good resistance against ozone
• Very good resistance against fungal and bacterial growth
• Very good resistance against acetone, alcohol, formic acid, brake oil, chloro diphenyl, acetic acid, lubricant, polar solvents, hydrochloric acid 10 %, sulfuric acid 10 %, waxes, plasticizers etc.
• Good resistance against steam up to +130°C or 2,5 bar
• Different flame retardant methods can be offered

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The control cabinet can advantageously be used in conjunction with all IHPs heaters that need less than 16Ampere.

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