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Heated hoses 550°C

Heated hoses are an ideal solution to transport liquids, gases and other viscous products and substances with maintained temperature. IHPs heated hoses are flexible and compliant and are well suited for moving application equipment. The product area is divided I two head groups: industrial heated hoses and heated hoses for analytical equipment.

A heated hose is made of an inner hose of PTFE or metal enclosed by a pressure-resistant outer jacket. Then a flexible customized heating cable together with a sensor is placed. Heat losses can be minimized by a thermic double layer that is protected by durable surface layer and end caps.

Heated hoses are used, amongst others, to keep the media available for processing, to avoid condensate formation in gaseous media, to ensure uniform quality, to enable production or measurements on other location, to connect moving parts and equipment and to maintain the optimum proportions during the whole process.

Construction of heated hose

Heated hose
Heated hosesHeated hose

Technical specification

Working temperature up to 550°C
Supply as desired
Power per meter adjusted according to process and desire
Built in temperature sensor type TC J (Fe-CuNi), type TC K (NiCr-Ni), RTD type PT100 or RTD Ni120
Thermic insulation of silicone foam, textile glass or silicate fiber
Process pressure up to 285 bar at 250°C
Hose length up to 150m
Safety class up to IP54 (EN 60529)
End caps of PA-plastics, elastomer rubber or aluminum
Usual fittings DKR, RSL, RSS, DKL, DKM, DKS, DKJ, BDN, BSP
Connection with standard plugs or cable connection

Tolerance of end fittings

DN (NW) of inner hose (mm)Inside diameter of end fitting øID (mm)

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